Friends of Samaritan’s Place is the United States affiliate partner of Samaritan’s Place, an organization devoted to orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children in the Philippines.

Samaritan’s Place wants to be your Valentine!

Here is your chance to honor your Valentine by giving the ultimate gift of love… a gift to the kids at Samaritan’s Place.  We believe EVERY kid is worth it!  As part of the SP3 matching grant, your gift will be matched and your gift will be doubly blessed!

Thank you in advance for your love and support.  You may honor your loved one this special day by clicking GIVE.


SMILE for a Child!

On Friday February 21st, Beard Cosmetic Dentistry of Cleveland, TN. will provide a FREE oral prophylaxis cleaning for each person that makes a minimum $50 donation toward the SP3 Matching Funds Campaign for Samaritan’s Place.

Your $50 donation, then, will become $100 USD for Samaritan’s Place… and that is something to SMILE about!

Please come SMILE for a child or help us tell someone that will!!!

For more information or and appointment, please call Beard Cosmetic Dentistry at 423-476-6541.

By brightening your smile… you will bring smiles to orphan children in the Philippines!

Special Announcement!

$375,000 Matching Grant Awarded

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that a $375,000 three-year matching grant, simply called SP3, has been awarded to Samaritan’s Place (SP).  “This matching grant provides a timely boost to our on going efforts in securing future operations and our desired quality care of orphans”, says FSP President Marc Morris.

Specifically designated for long-term sustainability plans and projects, most of the matching funds will be added to SP’s growing endowment, while portions will be used for property expansion and micro-farming, improved maintenance and infant care facilities.  The grant donor, Praise Cathedral (Greer, SC), will be matching up to $125,000 raised each year for three years (2014-16).

“We are very grateful to Praise’s leadership, particularly Jerry Madden and Mark Hill, for believing in Samaritan’s Place and being willing to challenge the others to invest as well”, states FSP Chairman L. Kent Berry.  The Friends of SP board invites you to join the SP3 Matching Grant campaign, which officially launches November 15, 2013.
To give now, click GIVE.

Each dollar you give will be matched! Our SP kids are worth it!
More information is coming soon about how you can be involved!


Our Vision

The vision of Friends of Samaritan’s Place is for Samaritan’s Place, its affiliated partners and clients to be empowered to fulfill their own vision, mission and goals in the care and services for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children. Thus, these beneficiaries can become responsible members of a network of agencies, families and individuals functioning in positive and meaningful ways to care for children in need.

Samaritan Stories

Lynn Greaves  Korea 3


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5 Reasons To Consider Adoption

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Every Child Needs a Family & Home

At Friends of Samaritan’s Place, we believe every child needs a family and home. It is easy for those who have a family and home to take for granted the gift they have every day. Building hope begins with family.

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More than 3,000 Children are Waiting

In the Philippines, there are more than 3,000 children who need a family and a home. At Friends of Samaritan’s Place, we believe every single one of these children need a home. Join our efforts in telling everyone you know about the gift of adoption.

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Experience the Joy of Loving a Child

At Friends of Samaritan’s Place, we believe children are a joy! There is no greater joy then having the opportunity to love a child and raise them to be men and women of God.

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Complete your Life & Family

One of the most compelling images in the Bible is adoption. The concept of adoption plays out in the redemption language God uses of his children. From God creating humankind in his image to the fall of the human race in the Garden to the redeeming act of Jesus Christ upon the Roman cross, God has pursued us in order to bring us into his family once more.

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Today is the Name of Every Orphan, Tomorrow is too Late.

There is an estimated 153,000,000 orphans in the world. A large majority of orphans and street kids do not know where their next meal is coming from. They do not have a safe or secure place to spend the night. They do not live with either their mother or father. It only takes one caring person to make a lifelong difference in the life of an orphan. Every child deserves safety and stability; a place to call home, regular meals, loving caregivers.

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